Accident pain

We currently accept all PIP insurance and car accident insurance. Acupuncture is almost always covered by this.

Some of the advantages of acupuncture for accident injuries is:

* There is often soft tissue damage with this type of injury and acupuncture therapy has little risk of exacerbating the inflammation. Be wary of seeking service where there is thrusting and twisting manipulations too early in the therapy.

* Additional modalities such as microcurrent (acupuncture without needles), manual therapy, cold or heat, and topical anti-inflammatory may be applied. Also some neuromuscular re-education.

* Often, inflammation from damaged soft tissue is what causes impingement pain and radiating pain. Acupuncture and cupping (when appropriate) is very good for this.

* Many therapy clinics offer only brief relief with hot packs, ultra sound, and some massage. This is usually inadequate. Our focus is on healing and doing it with the most effective and cutting edge modalities. The actual healing and well-being of the patient should never be forgotten and should be the most important matter in the whole claims process.

* Receive treatment in a relaxing holistic environment.

* One may also receive treatment for stress, anxiety, headaches, other etc.

* No drugs or pain pills

If you are unhappy with your current therapy, the patient has the legal right to change healthcare practitioner at any time. Do not allow any attorney to unethically pressure you to go to a particular doctor.