Colloidal Silver

What is colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is a suspension of silver particles in a liquid. It’s an ancient remedy that has historically been used to treat bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

How does it stop bacteria?

Colloidal silver permeates bacterial cells and damages the bacterial cells. They are small enough to permeate bacteria cells that larger antibiotic medication cannot. It then makes the bacteria cell wall more permeable, making it more susceptible to other anti-bacterial remedy taken along with silver. Smaller particles (2 to 5 nm) seem to be more toxic to the bacterial cells than larger ones (>10 nm) [R, R]. In addition, silver may also kill the bacteria or inhibit their growth by increasing the oxidative stress in the bacterial cells [R, R].

Colloidal silver also disrupts the cell membranes of fungi and stops reproduction[R].

How does it stop some viruses?

Silver nanoparticles interfere with some virus’ viral replication mechanism by blocking the development of virions (which needs to attach to healthy cells in order to multuiply), reducing the number of viruses in cell-based studies [RR].  They also prevent the DNA strands of the virus from straightening completely, which also blocks replication. Our Herbal Anti-Viral formula contains our colloidal silver.

Excellent for Sinus and Upper respiratory infections

The silver nasal spray can not only kill the bacteria with its biofilms in the nasal passage, but it can also kill the fungal as well. The majority of fungal contamination (whether it’s mold in a building or other source) sets in the nasal passageway.

In a sheep model of rhinosinusitis (sinus infection), topical colloidal silver treatment in their sinuses reduced bacterial growth. Colloidal silver also killed the bacteria and suppressed inflammation, which helped treat the infection [R].

Is all colloidal silver the same and is it safe?

Not all colloidal silver is the same. It is probably why, in my opinion, for the inconsistent results among studies. I believe there is a lack of uniformity in the quality.

There are three different types of colloidal silver:                                                                             1. silver protein: Due to the high concentration of large silver particles, silver protein products are known to cause argyria, which turns your skin blue-gray in color.                        2. ionic silver                                                                                                                                              3. true colloidal silver- typically the most recommended and the type that we carry.

We make true colloidal silver in nano particles- in 7-10 PPM to ensure the smallest particles to successfully attach and permeate microscopic pathogens. Smaller= more bio-available.

Colloidal silver- when taken in moderation, should cause no side effects.

This is not a drug and we are not making any claims as its use as a drug. You should consult a medical doctor if you have a virus or any other health condition, & prior to taking any substance. The descriptions of product effectiveness is only from a historical reference perspective

Because bacteria and fungi can double in number every 20 minutes, it is best to have a product already on hand in order to nip the issue in the bud at early onset.