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Fast acting techniques to get you faster results than customary therapy or acupuncture.

What makes our clinic stand out from all the others for pain therapy and other conditions?

In addition to having such an effective modality that is acupuncture, we have a revolutionary modality that makes the treatment even more FAST- ACTING and effective:

And that is the use of frequency-specific micro-current. The

    machine utilizes specific frequencies that reduce inflammation more effectively and accelerates wound healing.   

There are frequencies that improve the acupuncture effectiveness for allergy relief, stress, anxiety, decongestion, restoration of motor and neurological function- just to name a few. 

The micro-current probes can stimulate acupuncture points without the use of needles and with the same effectiveness. 


Additionally color-specific light can be utilized into the points and body areas. In physics, each color of light travels in a specific wave-length and frequency. And each of the different color waves has specific effects on the body. For example, violet has the most calming effect.    

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  1. marlen reyes says:

    i woulld like to know if you treat tm.

  2. alicia gasparri says:

    Hohhola doc`tor. me siento mucho mejor desde que ayer me hizo la acupuntura. estoy escribiendo y no veo lo que estoy transcribiendo.ola

  3. Angela says:

    Buen dia, agradezco la colabracion quisiera saber cuanto cuesta una consulta y cuanto vale el tratamiento quiero adelgazar .. gracias

  4. luis cruz says:

    hola doctor mi nombre es luis cruz y tengo problemas en un ojo debido a que me dio parlizis facial hace como trea años a ver si me puede ver y quisiera saber el valor de la consulta gracias , espero su contestacion .

  5. RUTH ORTIZ says:


  6. RUTH ORTIZ says:

    HHHHHLOLholalalalalLAhOL DOCTOR DESEO TENER INF SOBRE SUS TRAhola dr deseo tener informacion sobre sus tramtientos gracias en espeañol por favorTAMIETN

  7. Gustavo says:

    Once the level is fused, it’s hard to get any further chgnae yet, I’d give this a full year before you write it off. Once you’ve fused it, it no longer moves and if this is the site of pain, instigating chgnae is difficult. Medical managment usually becomes the primary means of pain control at that point.Best wishes.

  8. This is just the perfect answer for all of us

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