Diagnostic Thermography Scans Now Available !!!

By Adrian Melero Board Certified Acupuncture Physician on September 20th, 2016


Available on Saturday Oct 1, 2016- by appointment.


Risk free thermography scans provide detection years earlier than any other diagnostic method.



There is NO body contact,

NO squeezing of the breast,

NO radiation involved


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Advanced Thermography of South Florida will be at Miami Acupuncture Therapy on Saturday October 1, 2016 for patient screening. Please reserve your appointment as appointment availability for that day is on a first reservation basis. 


Thermography can also screen for high estrogen accumulation which is considered a high risk predisposition to get breast cancer and then allows for prevention measures can be made. Other body areas can also be screened for other conditions.


Don’t squeeze those cancer cells into your lymph !

Reserve your spot now. Call 786-972-1616

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