How Rainy Weather Affects Arthritic Joints

By Adrian Melero Board Certified Acupuncture Physician on July 2nd, 2014

     Chinese Medicine has a very physical and mechanical way of looking at health, using rainy day puddlemetaphors related to natural elements. In Chinese Medicine, arthritis is categorized as ‘wind damp’, and can be either ‘wind damp’ with heat or ‘wind cold damp’. It is seen as a localized obstructive build up in the joint with a ‘damp’ element to it. Therefore, when there is moisture in the air, the pain in arthritic joints is exacerbated. 


Aside from acupuncture needles, infrared lamp is extremely effective at relief for this. It is a very dry type of heat that has a drying + dispersing type of action on the joint with great penetration. Add Traumeel  homeopathic gel as a topical anti-inflammatory and the infrared heat will help in getting it into the joint. Finally, add some micro-current stimulation as final touch. Set at an anti-inflammatory setting at 40Hz for frequency. I love the way that the body can be healed using physics and mechanical principles as opposed to pills and chemicals.


A well known chinese herbal formula that is also very effective for this is a 15 ingredient formula called du huo ji sheng tang.

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