Melero appears on El Caso Cerrado

By Adrian Melero Board Certified Acupuncture Physician on November 14th, 2010

Just this past October 2010, Miami Acupuncturist Adrian Melero appeared on the nationally televised prime time spanish show El Caso Cerrado. Watch the partial video clip of the expert explanation and live acupuncture demonstration.

Miami Acupuncturist on El Caso Cerrado

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  • Mohamed

    OMG!! I swear! Reading this reminds me of my twin’s siuttoian. Its funny how we turn a corner and decide these are the players in my life and everyone is cool’. Until siuttoians pop up that interfer with the fun parts. Then you look at the other players and wonder.. hmmm why are you not up to par on this? Isolating yourself to this one partner you barely see will cause issues with the primary relationship. Meaning no sex makes us mean ass bitches! Just sayin..

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