Miami Springs Amazing Ionic Foot Spa Detox

Cited Benefits:

* Increased metabolism

* Increased Energy

* Improve stiffness, aches, inflammation, and pain

* Can improve arthritis, gout (excellent), allergies, and other conditions

* Can help alleviate chemical addictions

* improved immune system

* improved circulation

* More mental clarity                   

Removes toxins: Substances that can have a detrimental effect on cell function and structure. Also helps restore cellular imbalances due to stress, poor eating habits, and toxins.

How it works: A computerized machine sends negative ions then positive ions that travel in and then out of the lymphatic channels and acupuncture meridians. The negative ions pick up the toxins and the positive ones sends them out. Half of the acupuncture channels either begin or end on the feet. The feet have the most abundant and largest pores int he body which are opened more with warm water. The cleansing balances and restores cell metabolism and function.

Contact: Adrian Melero, Miami Acupuncture Physician at 786-972-1616