What is Vibrational Medicine?

By Adrian Melero Board Certified Acupuncture Physician on April 3rd, 2013

Vibrational medicine taps into one of the great universal laws that govern all things in the Universe – the Law of Resonance. To put it simply, this law states that if you can vibrate with something you can immediately shift it.

It will be the next big thing in medicine- assuming that it is not suppressed by Big Pharma or the AMA.

In our office, we utilize frequency specific micro-amp current to achieve this effect and we have achieved a lot of success with this.

For example: for inflammation, we utilize 40 Hz…for DNA repair 528 Hz… for lymph decogestion: 50 and 13 HZ… for emotinal balance 10 Hz… for incontinence 15 Hz on specific acupoints…. and many more.

Colors of light can also be used for this purpose and combined with microcurrent to enhance the effect. Each color has a particular wavelength and frequency, and thus a therapeutic effect. Modern medicine uses blue light for babies with bilirubin. But more research needs to be done for efficacy of different colors for different conditions.

I personally notice better results when shining light on acupoints and/ or body areas.

The great thing about vibrational medicine is that the laws of physics are being applied as opposed to chemicals.

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