Avoid this Common Mistake During Flu Season

What are the best natural remedies for cold and flu? The best way to beat the flu is to nip it in the bud, at the early onset. Most people enduring the day to day grind will ignore the beginning mild symptoms and will ‘soldier on’ as it seems as there is nothing serious going on. This is when it is most important to treat. It can be nipped in the bud by just stopping for a moment and taking care of it within the 1st 12 hours of symptoms.

Here are some effective remedies for early onset symptoms:

1. If due to a bug, taking Engystol is a good immune support remedy. It is a homeopathic pill that is taken and dissolved sublingualy. We carry these.

2. If due to exposure, boil some ginger root and drink as a warm tea. Symptoms from exposure is usually that dull headache that starts in the back of the head. Warm shower will also help.

Once the bug takes hold, there are other remedies. There are Chinese herbal Yin Qiao San, huang Lian (if bacterial), and other anti-viral herbs. Also, the application of essential oils penetrate the skin and kill viruses and bacteria. And finally, some acupuncture protocols will help the body combat the illness.