Buying Organic Ultimately Costs Less

Many people say that they cannot afford to buy organic or that organic is only for an elite group. My question is can someone afford not to? What will the ultimate cost of buying from the large chain grocery be? Or dollar menu fast food? What are the consequences of regularly consuming food with preservatives, chemicals, genetically modified, high fructose corn syrup, and hydrogenated oils?

Here are some health statistics in our country: According to the National Cancer Institute, 1 in 3 people will get cancer in their lifetime. One in four deaths in the United States is from heart disease ( Coronary heart disease alone costs 108.9 billion each year in the United States ( 26 million Americans have diabetes with 79 million with ‘pre-diabetes’ ( And that is not counting those who will eventually get it with age. Now combine the odds of someone getting one of these or a combination of these. Who do you think are the ones who will fall into one of these categories?

Now account for the less lethal consequences of consuming GMO such as the epicyte gene in some GM corn that causes sterility. There are too many other health consequences to mention in just one article, but expect to pay much more in healthcare and medicine in the future.

I compare paying a little more for organic food to buying a car. Would you pay 10% less buying a used car with problems instead of a new one and then end up paying ultimately more for repairs? And our bodies are much more important than cars.

Another consideration is the welfare of our children. They have no complete control over their choices. No one should have the right to poison our children and corrupt their health. The inept FDA, funded by our own tax dollars, has sold us all out. It is up to us citizens to make the right choices and educate our children.

There are inexpensive ways to get organic food. Some of it can be grown. I personally buy organic malanga and potatoes, slice the tip for planting, then eat the rest. Cookies and chips at Wholefoods without hydrogenated oils and HFCS cost the same as large chain yet taste the same and does not increase appetite for more unnecessary quantity.