Ionic Foot Detox

The ionic foot detox consists of a palangana with warm water to help open the pores of the feet and for a more relaxing effect, and an electrical device that sends ions to the water and then throughout the body. The negative ions collect the toxins and the positive ions expel it from the body.

The foot spa can cleanse the body of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminum, among others. It can also eliminate other toxins, pesticides, and chemicals. Aside from the studies that support this, I have tested the device myself using before and after lab tests of heavy metals on myself. After testing high on a few metals, I was able to bring my numbers down within the reference range after using the ionic foot cleanse for a few weeks.

With less toxins, the body’s cells work more efficiently- giving the body more energy and sense of well being. Users usually report better sleep. The device also makes the body more alkaline which helps the body become less predisposed to various health conditions.

The brownish color of the water is not caused by the toxins released by the body but by the oxidation of the water caused by the process. Many promoters of ionic foot detoxes incorrectly promote the brown brackish water as the toxins released, thus giving this therapy a bad rap as a scam. However, the type of toxins released does have some effect on the color hue variation of the water. But rest assured, this therapy works ! And I do not offer any service or product in my office in which I wouldn’t have 100% confidence in efficacy.