Participants for Cancer Study Needed With Compensation

Participants for cancer study needed. Compensation: 20% off the cost of groceries for 360 months. The trial will attempt to duplicate on humans a study previously done on rats that developed huge tumors after consuming GMO foods.

Relax, this is only a mock ad. I am trying to make a point to put things in perspective. Would you be willing to participate (or have your children participate) in a study that is known to have caused serious health detriments found in rats in the same trial? Well guess what, most of you are already participating. If you shop regularly in the large chain supermarkets, chances are that you are consuming a significant amount of food with genetically modified origins. The fact that the majority of people are consuming foods with GMO ingredients gives one a false sense of security that it is all okay. It is not until one finally sees the staggering cancer statistics of our population that one realizes that something is not right.

If you are unfamiliar with GMO (genetically modified organisms) food and seeds, I recommend doing some research and educating yourself on how to avoid these. I will be posting some helpful links from time to time.

Next week, Wednesday July 24, there will be an international awareness event about GMOs. The event will consist of advocates going viral on social media posting videos and information to raise awareness. I will participate by posting my ‘How to say to GMO Part II’ pictures on my personal facebook page.