Quick Head Cold Remedy You Can Resolve With Only a Few Cents

Do ever get that familiar feeling where you get that dull headache in the back of your head and you feel like you are coming down with something? Well, there is a simple remedy where you can knock it out quickly and easily. But I’d like to first clarify that this remedy works specifically for head colds due to exposure and sudden temperature change, not infectious pathogens like virus or bacteria. For those, I have another remedy which I will be presenting next week. The simple remedy consists of warm ginger tea- which should cost you only a few cents with just a small chunk of ginger. To extract the most benefit from it, slice the small chunk into thin slices before boiling so that the water can extract more. Cook it in the water until it starts to come to a light boil. Let it steep in the warm water for a few more minutes until it cools enough to make it drinkable. After drinking, if you feel a sweat on your forehead, you have just expelled the “cold”. It should work within 30 minutes of drinking if taken at early onset. In Chinese medicine, this concept of expulsion is called “clear the exterior” of “wind cold” or “wind heat”. It is fascinating how  Chinese medicine utilizes mechanical means of resolving issues. There exist stronger herbs to do this same function, but usually ginger is enough. This works best when taken at first onset. Regardless of how busy you are, you need to stop and get this done. Otherwise, you risk being out of commission for more time instead by procrastinating this simple remedy. The same “nip it in the bud early” principle applies to all types of infections as well.