What the patients are saying

“I will begin by saying that Miami Acupuncture Therapy & Dr Melero NEVER disappoints me. I always return when everything else fails me…The place has an excellent ambiance, very relaxing and most importantly very clean”
-Barbara Reyes

“Adrian Melero helped my heel pain and return to competing much sooner than I expected.”
-Elliott Mason- Professional Endurance Athlete

“So many wonderful things to say about Adrian. He was highly recommended by my uncle’s coworker that suffered of carpal tunnel and was against having the surgery, which turned out to be exactly my case. Therefore, I was excited about trying acupuncture and with a couple of acupuncture and heated lamp treatments, I manage the pain without pain medication and feel a lot better. Aside from it all, Helen is wonderful therapist, when she massages me I always feel extremely relaxed and as if all my stress is fully gone! Also from day one, I immediately loved how clean this place is. They truly are a great team that do wonders together! I recommend them.”
-Julie G.

“I had been suffering from lower back pain for weeks. The orthopedic put me on steroids for two weeks. I didn’t like the idea of taking prescription drugs because of the side effects. I decided to schedule a visit, and it was a game changer. My shoulder pain and lower back pain disappeared. I’m so glad I did. I will do two more sessions and then will continue as needed, again I’m very pleased with the results.”