What is the Cranial Release Technique ?

The Cranial Release Technique is a simple stretch-like mechanism that causes a major release of tension in the nervous system and throughout the body. That release causes the brain and nervous system to come back to optimum state of balance and function. CRT Adrian


This is accomplished by releasing the dura mater. The dura mater is basically a very strong sheath that covers the brain, eye ball, and spinal cord.

Daily stress- both mental and physical creates dural tension, which in turn, is applied to the vertebrae of the spinal column and creates misalignment and imbalance. The upper cervical vertebrae, ligaments, and muscles play a key role in the “righting reflex” which strives to keep the center of gravity between the feet. 


Each of the cranial nerves is wrapped in a sheath of dura mater and adverse tension and traction on within the cranial dura may be transmitted to these dural sleeves resuting in less than optimal function of the nerve involved. This includes the optic nerve. CRT Helen


Endocrine (hormone) Issues:

The pituitary gland is covered over by a layer of the meningeal dura mater called the diaphragma sella. Dural tension here will affect the hormonal function of the pituitary.