Why I believe rebounding is the most beneficial exercise

  • Circulates your whole lymphatic system
  • Strengthens every cell in your body
  • Can triple the # of white blood cells

(in just two minutes of soft bouncing!)

  • Non-impact
  • Anyone can do it
  • Can be very aerobic
  • Can be done indoors

No other form of exercise can do the following:

Rebounding exercise uses the three natural forces of acceleration, deceleration, and gravity to equally strengthen every cell of your body. At the same time, it flushes out your entire lymphatic system in just two minutes of soft bouncing. Keep in mind that you have three times more lymph than blood in your body and the heart pumps onlythe blood vessels.

The rebounder can act as your lymph pump. At the bottom of the bounce (on deceleration), your cells experience a gentle squeezing & expel their waste into the lymph. This garbage is then sucked into the lymph veins and it is pumped toward your heart through those one-way chambers.

In a NASA study, rebound exercise was declared to be 68% more efficient than regular jogging.

So in one short workout, you can get in shape, improve your immune function, cleanse your body to work more efficiently.

I chose the Needak Rebounder because I have determined that it has the highest manufacturer quality and can tolerate use by individuals who are 400 lbs+

Auto-immune problems:

Rheumatoid arthritis, Allergies, and Multiple Sclerosis:

Due to the number of increased white blood cells to all the areas from bounding, and more resistance to the “immune response” , the triggers for these conditions are reduced. The resistance to immune response can be improved further with tonic treatment using Oriental Medicine.

Soft bouncing will also help flush out inflamed joints.

Cancer prevention:

The extra oxygen in the cells created by bouncing will help prevent cancer from forming, and the presence of extra white blood cells will help eliminate foreign malignant cells before they have a chance of multiplying.

Weight loss:

By flushing out the lymph, and oxygenating all your cells, your whole metabolism will be increased. And more fat cells will be released for burning due to less storage of toxins in the fat cells. Plus, it can be incorporated as part of a workout: warm up and cool down (excellent for flushing out lactic acid thus improving workout recovery).


Edema, Varicose veins, Sagging & wrinkling, Constipation, Stress, More