Herbal AntiViral with Colloidal Silver (Order Here)


Why EVERY household cannot be without this!

You cannot kill viruses with antibiotics !


What do you do when you come down with influenza, pneumonia, measles, or worse? What is your remedy?

At the current moment, mainstream medicine does not have a solution for viral infections. There is only Tamiflu which only helps with symptoms and comfort.

This formula is combined with true colloidal silver nano particles for enhanced action & broader spectrum! Click on this link to learn the mechanisms of silver and in what form is it effective/ineffective.

In my household this herbal formula has been a hero many times. I have seen this bring down my child’s fever quickly in the past and my experience has been that when taken at first onset of symptoms, it can nip the flu or other related issue in the bud quickly. No time wasted in waiting to receive your Rx. It has worked spectacularly well even when I’ve used the other 7 herbal ingredients in the formula without the chief ingredient Ban Lan Gen.

This formula is great for pandemic preparedness as well.

Think it can’t happen here? With modern air travel, pandemics can get to anywhere and quickly. And now you have all these ‘caravan’ border jumpers who want to come in without the required health screening for pathogens. And who knows what the next war will have up their sleeve in the form of bioweapons. When contagion arrives, the remedies will be out of stock!

Flu shots are a hit or miss for the correct ever growing number of strains of virus. The risks of toxic side effects over questionable efficacy is simply not worth it. The lack of accountability and quality control by the vaccine makers is enough for me to not personally take the risk. I always recommend the right mineral and micronutrient consumption for optimal immune strength.

Historically, the ingredients in this formula has anti- bacterial qualities as well and is an overall good broad spectrum germicidal. In my household, I average about 8-12 oz used each year for various issues. I cannot imagine allowing myself to be without it for our own family.  And by storing these amber bottles away from light and in nano true colloidal silver, I can keep It for years without worrying about expirations.

However, if you are sick, I would still visit a physician to confirm what exactly I have that is making me sick. If pregnant, do not take as there is not enough research data on some of the ingredients to determine if there would be any adverse effects.

For dosage information, seek advice from a licensed and qualified Oriental Medicine physician.


**Effective only as an intervention in traditional Chinese Medicine under a licensed Acupuncture Physician’s scope of practice as defined by the Florida Board of Acupuncture. This is not a drug and we are not making any claims as its use as a drug. You should consult a medical doctor if you have a virus or any other health condition, & prior to taking any substance. The descriptions of product effectiveness is only from a historical reference perspective

What makes our custom Herbal Antiviral tincture so effective: **

Our All-Star line-up of 8 ingredients- specially formulated by licensed Oriental Medicine practitioner:

  • Ban Lan Gen as the chief herb- historically the go to herb in China for viruses for 1000s of years. It is difficult to dispute such a long track record of anecdotal success. It contains antiviral compounds: ‘clemastanin B’- inhibit pneumonia & virus proliferation in lung tissue. It inhibits hemagglutinin of virus at early stage of infection. It contains ligin which inhibits nuclear factor kappaB signaling by the virus and blocks exportation of NP protein of the virus. It is also anti-bacterial- thus helping knock out secondary infections. It is broad spectrum. This herb even has a US patent # for treating HIV and AIDS.
  • Osha root another antiviral superstar- This one has been used for many generations of Native Americans of the West. It was used with a lot of success during the 1918 pandemic. This herb cannot really be farmed. It must be wildcrafted in the mountains found at elevations of 9,000+ feet. It has a mechanism in what Chinese medicine refers to as ‘clear the exterior’ through sweating. It has a “hot essence” in Chinese medicine terms and require the other “cooling” herbs in this formula to effect the fever calming properties.
  • Da Qing Ye– this is the leaf part of the herb Ban Lan Gen(the root). Also directly antiviral, it helps activate the other herbs and medicines.
  • MuDan Pi- shown to be effective vs a broad range of pathogens.
  • Ban Zhi Lian- Chinese antiviral has also been documented use in America in the 1800s for viruses such as rabies.
  • Xia Ku Cao –another strong heat clearing herb, has been used in China in the successful treatment of herpes.
  • Yin Jin Hua- heat clearing herb commonly used in China for flu and cold.
  • Gan Cao-ingredient to harmonize and balance the formula and helps make the bitter taste of the formula more tolerable.

Our ingredients are sourced from a GMP certified supplier that tests for dissolution time, moisture content, chemical tests for pesticides & heavy metals, and microbiological tests are performed on every batch of finished product, sophisticated analyses, such as aristolochic acid testing and chloramphenicol testing- using higher-level analytical techniques including High Performance Thin Layer Chromotography (HP-TLC) and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to confirm identification, ensure potency and to test for active constituents when necessary.