Four Reasons to Get a Thermography Scan for Breast Cancer Screening

As we gear up for Breast Awareness Month in October, we should not allow the opportunity to pass for self screening and taking preventative measures. Here are four reasons to get a thermography scan now.


1. Earliest detectionthermography side view

Of all the detection methods used, thermography provides the earliest detection. Cancer cells in the breast double every 90 days. It takes approximately 8 years to reach 4 billion cancer cells (about 1 cm). This the typical amount of cancer cells that is detectable by mamograms. A thermogram can show a clinical marker when the cancer cells are approximately at only a few hundred cells and many YEARS before a mamogram can.


2. Non-invasive and painless

In thermography, nothing touches the breasts. As a matter of fact, no part of your body is touched during the procedure. There are no worries of painful and uncomfortable breast squeezing.


3. No risks

There are no risks involved in taking a thermogram. Unlike the mamogram, there is NO radiation involved in thermal imaging. Additionally, the mamogram involves squeezing the breasts. Therefore, if there are any cancerous cells present, the cancer may be squeezed into the lymph and spread throughout the body- exacerbating the condition and making it less controllable.

Also, there is no risk of complication if the breasts contain implants.


4. Other pathologies may be detected

In addition to potential breast cancer, thermography may be able to detect other potential pathologies such as: vascular disease, fibrocystic disease, possible pregnancy, and other. It may also show a pattern indicative of excess estrogen which usually indicates a high predisposition to getting breast cancer.