Gynecological fix using Chinese Medicine

There are several interesting mechanisms utilized when treating gynecological problems with Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Today, I am going to discuss two common ones. Both involve spotting and bleeding. However, spotting and bleeding may have two different causes. In order to utilize the correct remedy, it must be determined which one is the cause.

One cause is due to blood stasis and blood stagnation. The reason for the heavy bleeding in this case is because when the blood is ‘backed up’ and not flowing efficiently, it begins leaking out of the vessels and capillaries in the uterus. Common symptoms are very dark colored blood, stabbing pain, purplish hue on the tongue, and larger clots. This can be remedied by invigorating local blood flow accomplished by stimulating acupoints and/or herbal formulas.

The other cause is qi deficiency, particularly the qi energy that corresponds with the ‘spleen’ energy channel. In Chinese Medicine theory, the qi helps hold the blood in the vessels and when this qi is deficient, it can cause spotting. Common symptoms are fatigue, water retention, pale and puffy-looking tongue. The remedy is to stimulate particular tonic energy points and tonic herbal remedy.

I have personally witnessed these gynecology issues resolved without the use of hormones.