How We Keep Patient Files More Private Than Most Clinics

Starting in 2014, medical offices who work with either medicaid or Medicare will be required to maintain electronic health records for all patients. That means your patient chart with all your medical records and visits will be available electronically. Even though offices generally have safeguards in place for privacy and must follow HIPPA confidentiality laws, electronic information is still susceptible to being hacked. It is also susceptible to government snooping under the Affordable Care Act (Obummer care), IRS, and the National Security Agency. Most offices have already switched to fully electronic.

Since our office does not work with medicare, we are not accountable for any government mandates and are exempt from mandatory electronic record keeping. We choose to maintain patient charts the old fashion way: paper, folder, file cabinet. Unless someone has a court subpoena in hand, no one unauthorized will have access, even if they are flashing a badge.