Solution to anti-biotic resistant super bacteria

It seems nowadays more and more strains of anti-biotic resistant bacteria are popping up. With people taking anit-biotics too frequently for minor things and anti-biotics being injected into all our chickens and beef, bacteria is becoming more resistant.

However, there is an alternative solution. It is a Chinese herb called Huang Lian (translation: coptis root). In traditional Chinese medicine, it is indicated for dysentery and diarrhea (if caused by bacterial infection). It has a broad spectrum effect. It also has antifungal and some anti-viral effect. However, for viruses, I would recommend something a little stronger. For the best antibiotic result, huang liang is best used in a formula with similar acting synergistic herbs such as in ‘Huang Lian Jie Du Tang’.

By stocking in your medicine cabinet, you don’t have to wait for a prescription or doctor visit in order to get it quickly when the need arises. At Miami Acupuncture Therapy in Miami Springs, we maintain a stock of Huang Lian Jie Du Tang and is available for purchase.