Quit Smoking With Acupuncture and CBD

I’m a big believer in a multi-pronged approach to resolving things. It boosts up the probability for success. And today I’m going to discuss a multi-pronged way to quit smoking. In acupuncture, there is a well known protocol called the NADA that involves the stimulation of five ear acupoints. However, I provide an enhanced form that involves stimulation with microcurrent and color light. Additionally, stress and anxiety points can  be added to prevent the most common urge trigger for smoking. Ear beads are left taped on to the five ear points to provide constant stimulation. Another remedy that can be added is CBD (from industrial hemp, not cannabis). It is probably the best thing that can be used internally for anxiety. It can effect specific receptors in a beneficial way that no other known substance can. The vaporized form can help compensate for the oral habit of holding something to your lips. I’d like to clarify vaporized- not smoked. I believe that anything inhaled that is smoked is detrimental. Be sure however, to obtain CBD from a reputable source. There are new CBD companies popping everywhere and there is no standardization yet for quality control. However, here at Miami Acupuncture Therapy, we did all the research to screen out for the highest quality of CBD.